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The reception area is an essential space in any office environment. This is the place where visitors are provided with useful information about the company and clients are asked to wait for their appointments. No matter if you run a hair salon or a car dealership, your business entrance and guest waiting area will leave a strong impression on the visitor, therefore it’s crucial to ensure it showcases your corporate image and decor style.

Often, space limitations and budget restraints may require an ‘outside-the-box’ mentality to ensure that your reception area will appear spacious, welcoming, and professional. Here are some considerations to help you choose affordable furniture solutions that won’t break your budget and still make your space look fantastic.

Popular Trends in 2015

[clickToTweet tweet=”One of most important furniture acquisitions your business will ever make is the reception desk.” quote=”One of most important furniture acquisitions your business will ever make is the reception desk.”] To create a strong visual impact and also future-proof your investment, here are some of the hottest trends to consider for your reception area makeover project:

Geometric Shapes

Toronto Reception Desk Furniture

Geometry continues to shape modern office furniture design.  For office managers looking to infuse artistically-designed decor into their office environment, the addition of versatile L-shaped, curved, or straight reception desks will immediately make the space striking and memorable. Offices with limited space will greatly benefit from straight and L-shaped reception desks as they require minimum floor area and can easily complement the layout of most spaces. For larger open office spaces, curved reception desks, from slightly curved to almost full circle, increase accessibility by allowing visitors to approach it from any part of the room.

Mixed Materials

Artopex Half Circle Reception Desk

Steel and wood, wood and glass, glass and aluminum, you cannot go wrong when choosing to complement the nobility of wood grain with the sleekness of glass and metal inserts. A popular combination is that of a glass or wood countertop supported by chrome hardware, such as the one showcased above. You can select from a wide variety of wood finishes including oak, cherry, and mahogany, combined with stainless steel, stone, and glass finishes for an ultra-modern look. Different designs and shapes allow you to decide how your reception area looks and performs, and how strong an impression it leaves on the customer.

Sleek Design

Because it says a lot about the organization you’re running, the reception desk must look interesting and modern, appealing to the eye of customers and making them feel comfortable when visiting your establishment. That doesn’t necessarily mean focusing on overly-complicated furnishings that end up costing you a lot of money, sometimes the simplest designs are the most attractive (and cost-effective) ones. In a lot of cases, you can enhance the chic and sophisticated look of your reception area by going for customized shapes, unique color combinations, and a variety of decor elements.

A Few Shopping Considerations

Toronto Office Reception Desks

Aside from financial and design considerations, selecting the best reception desk to dazzle your visitors involves a number of other factors, just as important. For starters, your reception desk must be in good proportion to the rest of the reception area in order to achieve a balanced environment. In order to avoid installing a reception desk that’s overbearing and leaves insufficient space for traffic you must first take accurate measurements of the space you’re going to allot to this area. Consider the size, shape, and design to make sure the furniture will fit comfortable into the space.

Functionality is another key aspect to consider when shopping for furniture desk. In their quest for impressing potential clients, many office managers forget that reception desks must also be useful and functional. If the reception desk is going to double as a workstation, then a high counter is essential to provide the worker with the needed privacy; ergonomics must also be kept in mind when choosing task chairs and accessories. Storage facilities such as shelves and drawers are important to keeping stationery and documents away from visitors’ eyes. (If the desk you have your mind set upon hasn’t got sufficient storage space, you can always add a separate storage cabinet and keep the desk free of clutter.)

Reception areas are supremely important to any office space, and the benefits of choosing bespoke reception furniture solutions that are both stylish and practical cannot be overestimated. Ask the help of your local office furniture dealer to acquire furniture that’s tailored to your specific organization’s needs and meets both aesthetic and ergonomic requirements.

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