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Windows do not only transform the exterior appearance of your office building, the natural light they allow inside increase occupants’ health and comfort and can also lead to substantial heat savings. But direct sunlight is not always desirable, or needed. Sometimes, having the sun rays penetrating the office space may lead to computer glare, unwanted heat gain, and overall occupant discomfort. This is where rolling shade systems come in.

Rolling shades are rectangular swaths of materials attached to a tube and mounted between two brackets. A spring mechanism, a chain pulley system, or some other type of control system activates the fabric to go up and down and thus control the amount of direct sunlight entering a space. Unlike conventional window treatments, such as curtains, shutters, and Venetian blinds, roller shade systems do not hinder the dimensions of the window – they can discreetly disappear and leave the window fully exposed when needed, rather than adding another layer of decoration.

In their simplicity, roller shade systems go with all styles and decors, from vintage to contemporary, are easily mounted, and require minimum upkeep. Unlike curtains and Venetian blinds, which have to be regularly cleaned for dust mites, cleaning roller blinds is usually easy and straightforward. You can clean them once a year using a mild cleaning solution.

Aside from the practical considerations, the best part about installing roller shade systems inside your office is their ability to become part of the building’s architecture. You can choose a separate color for the layer facing outwards to keep the exterior appearance uniform, while having the liberty and creativity to design the interior of your office based on your preferences and the existing decor. You can get this set-up with the help of a reliable handyman service provider just like you hire them for your custom molding and other office repair jobs.

Here are some important elements to consider when shopping for a rolling shade system, one that efficiently protects you from UV rays and ensures you the needed privacy:

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    1. First, determine if your office needs a shade system. Roller shade systems allow building occupants to control the amount of direct sunlight penetration for both visual comfort and heat reduction. Since every space has distinct requirements regarding glare and heat control, it’s important to outline the type of space and its general scope before deciding to purchase a shade system.
    2. Ensure that the roller shade system meets your needs and business goals. Different types of shades provide different benefits, so you need to base your choice on function, rather than on form. When purchasing roller shades, the most important thing you should consider is the openness in the weave of the fabric. Most fabrics range from 1% to 10%, with 1% providing the least amount of light and heat and 10%, the most. After settling for the right openness, consider the aesthetic of the shades and how it matches the rest of your decor.
    3. Choose the right control system. Different control systems have different benefits. Manual operated roller shade systems allow for accurate load calibration and precise positioning, while motorized control enhances the functionality, convenience, and durability of window coverings. Solar-adaptive, automated control systems are getting increasingly popular, since the system is able to track down the position of the sun in relation to the building and automatically adjust the amount of daylight entering the premises.
    4. Futureproof your investment. Investing in new technology that’s already proven effective at increasing a building’s performance might prove more profitable than relying on what you’ve always used. You don’t necessarily have to go for top-of-the-line technologies that may become outdated in a couple of years. Choose a roller shade system that allows for precise glare and heat control, has a pleasing aesthetic, and is specifically designed to fit the type of space you’re working in – and not the other way around.


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Every office manager should take a look at how they can upgrade their lighting and heat control as a means of enhancing employee productivity and building performance. Since building occupants interact with light control every day, it’s essential that your planning of the space includes a clear vision of the lighting and indoor temperature. If you have decided to remodel your office, talk to your local office space planner about how you can integrate an affordable roller shade system and make your office space as elegant as functional as possible.

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