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Office Interior Design is more than just creating cool looking spaces, it's about designing spaces for people - your people.   Colours, shapes, style, textures, materials, reflections, lighting, and placement all play an important role in making your space productive and inspirational.

Why Hire An Office Interior Designer?

Full-time workers spend at least 40 hours a week on average at their workplace, and what that workplace looks like really does matter. Imagine working in a rundown office with peeling paint, poor lighting, and furniture that hasn't been updated in the last two decades. You would probably struggle to stay motivated and do your best work in that type of environment. Maybe your own workplace hasn't fallen into such an extreme state of disrepair, but there are still things you can do to improve your interior design.

Demands on office design are increasing as Millennials have now become the largest percentage of workers in the marketplace.  Millennials have different tastes, desires and passions that fuel their satisfaction in the workplace.  If you're trying to attract the brightest talent, having an attractive office will help make a great impression and keep your team running on all cylinders. (article about millennial office design trends)

When you decide it's time to make some changes, you'll want to have Alliance Interiors' experience on your side. We're an office interior design firm that specializes in combining aesthetic appeal with the professional needs of every business with which we work. We would love to meet with you to discuss how to develop a space that increases employee productivity, improves morale, and brands your office with a professional look you can be proud of.

Why Hire the Professionals at Alliance Interiors?

While you might think that doing your own office remodel will save you money, working with the professionals at Alliance Interiors can actually be more cost-effective in the long run. Why' There's a lot more to office interior design than just rearranging some desks and adding a few ferns, and a poorly designed office may waste space, increase employee distractions, hinder basic tasks or even dissuade visiting clients from working with you in the future.

Here are just a few advantages to working with Alliance Interiors:

We'll help you establish your budget. We know not every business has the interior design budget of Google or Apple, but that doesn't mean you can't have a professional-looking, comfortable, and functional office. We'll meet with you to establish a budget, and we'll look for the best prices on quality products in services so that you get more for your money.

We'll implement changes in a reasonable time frame. One of the first things we do with our clients, in addition to establishing a budget, is working out a timeline for the interior design project. Our goal is to complete the project efficiently with as few disruptions to your office's day-to-day functioning as possible.

We'll work on changes to improve employee morale. You might be surprised at just how much interior design can affect employee morale. For example, you might find that an employee is happier and more productive once their desk is moved closer to a natural light source, or you might find that your teams are able to work together more cohesively once you establish a break-out area for meetings. Let Alliance Interiors help you find ways to reduce employee absenteeism and turnover while improving morale and productivity.

We have professional relationships with the best vendors and service providers. If there's a specific service that we can't provide directly, we can recommend and connect you with someone who can. If your remodel involves purchasing new furniture, we'll procure products from high-quality, sustainable office furniture brands.

We'll help you determine how to make the best use of your space. Whether you're working in a small office or a large one, figuring out how to best use your space can be a challenge. When you hire Alliance Interiors to help with your remodel, we'll consider how we can use interior design to improve the layout of your office and streamline daily functions in the process.

We'll help you professionally brand your workplace. You and your employees should be proud to say that you work in your office, and you should also be able to show off your space to clients or prospective hires without hastily hurrying them past cluttered desks or broken chairs. Alliance Interiors can help give your office a look that is professional while remaining unique to your brand and your vision.

What Can You Expect When You Work with Alliance Interiors?

Our mission at Alliance Interiors is to create 'business environments that make sense,' and we keep that goal in mind from start to finish when we assist clients with their interior design projects. When you first decide to work with us, we'll schedule a meeting to go over your budget and the goals of your remodel. Whether you're hoping to facilitate communication between team members or to come up with better storage solutions in a small office space, we'll make sure that your goals are incorporated into the design plan.

During our initial meeting, we will also establish a concrete time frame that we will strive to stick to. We understand that you can't afford to shut down your entire business for the purposes of your remodel, so we'll come up with creative solutions to implement the necessary changes while allowing you and your employees to remain productive.

We will be available to answer questions and provide recommendations throughout the entire interior design process, including developing a new layout and procuring new office furniture. We pride ourselves on our communication with clients, so don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

Don't Delay Your Office Remodel - Contact Alliance Interiors Today

A well-designed office can lead to easier recruitment, reduced employee absenteeism and turnover, improved morale, and better customer service - but don't just take our word for it. Rather than wondering what your office could be, why not find out by contacting Alliance Interiors and beginning the remodelling process? We would love to work with you to help your office reach its full potential and to improve your bottom line.

We assist businesses anywhere in the greater Toronto area, including:

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