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Your one stop when you're tasked with creating a new vision for your office and making it a reality.  Consider our team your guides for making it easy to accomplish this complex task and getting the results you want.


There are plenty of interior designers out there, and there are also plenty of furniture stores. What sets Alliance Interiors apart is that we work with you every step of the way; we'll work closely with you to come up with a new office design, advise you on the best layouts to encourage productivity, create a space plan, and procure the new furniture you need. We'll even help you get that new furniture into your office with our cost-effective moving services.

Alliance Interiors is an interior design firm that can meet the needs of businesses. However, we're also a full service office furniture dealer. We work with you every step of the way because we don't think you should have to run from place to place or work with a myriad of companies just to get your office design plans off the ground. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to optimize your workspace so that you and your employees can be comfortable, productive, and happy.


As a business owner, you already know how important it is to consider your bottom line with every decision that you make. If you're going to make changes to your physical space, you need to be sure that those changes are actually going to be worth the money you put into them.

We understand that mentality at Alliance Interiors, and we want to help you redesign your office at a price that will be more than balanced out by the increased productivity of your employees. A few of the benefits of our design services include:

  • Easier recruitment. While you want job candidates to wow you, it's important that you're also wowing your top candidates. You want them to love your work environment so much that, when presented with the choice of working for your business or working for a competitor, they choose you every single time.
  • Improved morale. We can help you set up your office to meet the needs of your employees, whether they're looking for a more open, collaborative environment, want ergonomic seating, or have any other requirements in order to be more productive.
  • Reduced employee absenteeism and turnover. Not only are happier employees more productive than unhappy ones, they're also less likely to take sick days or leave your employment.
Open Office Design


Whether you're moving down the hall or relocating to an entirely different building, Alliance Interiors can help.

Our team of move management experts will consult with you to determine what kind of layout you want in your new space, and once you've agreed on a plan, they'll coordinate and move your office furnishings according to your specifications.

We know that when you're running a corporation, you can't afford a lot of downtime, which is why we'll work as efficiently as possible to help you set up your new location.

We'll ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible so that you can keep focusing on your business rather than the logistics of setting up a new work-space.


The goal of redesigning your office is to make your workspace more productive - so you shouldn't have to worry about distractions for you or your employees during the redesigning process.

When you work with Alliance Interiors, a designer will work closely with you to develop a space plan that is within your budget, visually appealing, functional, and can be implemented with minimal disruptions to your office.

We'll produce construction drawings and oversee the entire construction and design process in order to save you time, money, and potential headaches.

We'll also use our expertise to help you come up with new layouts to serve different purposes in your office, whether you need an open group collaboration space or a new training room.

We'll take into account individual employees' needs as well as the overall goals of the business in order to set up a cohesive and productive space.


No matter what kind of office furniture you're looking for, you can count on Alliance Interiors to source the highest quality products. We work closely with top furniture manufacturers to find the ergonomic, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable products that will be best for your office.

Whether you need chairs, desks, filing cabinets, shelves, or just about any other type of furniture you can think of, we'll be able to make sure you find exactly what you're looking for.


We could tell you even more about the many interior design services we offer, but the best way to learn exactly what Alliance Interiors can do for you is by contacting us and setting up an in-person meeting. You can call us at 905-722-9146, email, or even just fill out the quick and convenient contact form. We look forward to helping you bring your office up to its full potential.

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