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Office Seating Is One Of The Most Vital Furniture Items

The 'bottom line' is we are sitting more and moving less. Today it is more critical than ever to focus on health and safety, proper support and employee comfort. An investment of ergonomic chairs for employees significantly reduces absenteeism and promotes worker productivity. You will also find that the correct office task chairs will promote the functionality that your people require to perform at their best, thus increasing your 'bottom line'.

We offer a large selection of office seating that is warrantied, sustainable, green and excellent quality. Call us to discuss your Office Seating requirements.

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We Source Canadian Manufactured Furniture For A Reason

Alliance Interiors sources a high percentage of the office furniture we sell from Canadian manufacturers.  We do this because the quality of materials and the finished furniture is a higher quality, more durable and sustainable, replacement parts are more readily available, and it supports our local economy.  It also enables us to develop close relationships with the furniture designers and manufacturers which results in continuous improvements and responsiveness.

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