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Furniture That Looks Great And Feels Great

Having expertly selected furniture in your office can make a statement to clients and employees alike.  Not only do they fit your space perfectly, but they are high quality, sustainable, and help keep your team working at the highest level.

Maximize Your Space with Office Furniture from Alliance Interiors

Organizations create a high quality work environment when they combine several key ingredients: dedicated employees, meaningful projects, a strong mission, and a physical space that promotes productivity and good morale. If one of those ingredients is missing, the whole organization will suffer as a result.

Let's take a look at the importance of just one of those factors: an office's furniture. If your employees currently have uncomfortable seating or your furniture is laid out chaotically, you may notice that:

  • Employees have trouble concentrating. If the office is set up in a visually distracting way, or even if employees are just sitting in uncomfortable chairs, they''ll have a hard time concentrating on the work at hand.
  • Morale goes down. Although you might not realize it, little things like your office's lighting and furniture can affect workers' moods.
  • Productivity suffers. In addition to being more easily distracted, workers who are in an office space they don't like will get less work done and will be more likely to only stay at the office for the minimum amount of time required of them.
  • Employee health suffers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American adult spends about 8.8 hours at work each weekday, and in many offices, much of that time is spent sitting down. If your office chair is uncomfortable, you may experience back pain that can affect your overall health and happiness.

You obviously don't want your well-being, or the well-being of your employees, to suffer because of your office furniture. That's why you should contact Alliance Interiors to learn more about how we can optimize your space with our office furniture and interior design expertise.

Alliance Interiors focuses on creating ideal work spaces so that you and your company can flourish. We want everyone in your organization to look forward to coming into work, to feel creatively inspired, and to reach their full potential in a healthy environment.

Alliance Experts Work Closely with Clients

Why work with Alliance rather than just doing your own office furniture shopping? Because we have experience working with executives and office managers just like you to design offices that are both ergonomically functional and visually appealing. When you decide to work with us, we'll meet with you at your convenience to evaluate your budget, business model, and goals for your office.

Once we've agreed on a design, we'll procure the office furniture you need to bring that design to life. We work with high-quality office furniture providers to procure desks, seating, shelving, and other important pieces that will help everyone in the office be more productive and happy. We're confident that with our help, you'll be able to get the business results you need for your bottom line.

We Procure Sustainable Products That You'll Feel Great About

At Alliance Interiors Inc., we're committed to helping our clients get office furniture that not only looks and feels great, but will also be long-lasting. We can help you procure products that are 100% Greenguard certified, meaning that the materials and manufacturing process used have low chemical emissions and do not negatively impact the environment. By working with us, you can make sure that you and your office are promoting global sustainability, environmental health, and a safe work environment.

We assist with the procurement of all types of sustainable office products, including:

We also know just how important seating can be in an office, which is why we'll work with you to make sure your workspace is outfitted with the best types of seating, including:

  • Ergonomic task seating
  • Nesting chairs and stacking chairs
  • Executive seating
  • Bariatric seating
  • Soft seating
  • Bench style seating

Let Us Connect You with High Quality Brands

We have an eye for design at Alliance Interiors, and we also have an eye for great furniture brands that can dramatically improve your office environment. We work closely with several major furniture brands to procure the furniture that's best for your office quickly and efficiently. 

Ready for a Change in Your Office? Contact Alliance Interiors

If you're ready to shake the dust off your office and implement a redesign that everyone in the building will love, contact Alliance Interiors today. We'll be happy to schedule an initial meeting to go over your office's needs and the aesthetic you're interested in. You can call us at (905) 722-9146 or send an email to Let's work together to make your ideal office a reality.

We Source Canadian Manufactured Furniture For A Reason

Alliance Interiors sources a high percentage of the office furniture we sell from Canadian manufacturers.  We do this because the quality of materials and the finished furniture is a higher quality, more durable and sustainable, replacement parts are more readily available, and it supports our local economy.  It also enables us to develop close relationships with the furniture designers and manufacturers which results in continuous improvements and responsiveness.

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