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Leather-bound books and bulky mahogany furniture have no place in the modern executive office. In recent years, there has been a move towards modest, unpretentious furnishings and accessories that convey authority and power through minimalism and clean [...]

Coined in 1996 by Erik Veldhoen, author of the book The Demise of the Office, the concept of activity-based working (ABW) refers to a workplace strategy that provides workers with a choice of settings for various workplace [...]

No matter how much office space standards evolve (largely as the result of technological advancements that allow us to work in different ways), many aspects of the traditional work environment continue to be relevant, and the conference [...]

You may think that your competitive advantage in the marketplace relies on your patented processes or on the highly-skilled workers you managed to retain. But the truth is, people and products aren’t things that are intrinsically a [...]

  Let’s face it, not everyone has a knack for office design. As an office manager, you may have no difficulty choosing an appropriate color scheme for the walls, but you may not understand space restrictions or [...]

  Over the past three decades, we saw the importance of office ergonomics steadily growing as a wealth of validated scientific research linked musculoskeletal disorders to work. Nowadays, most facility managers are aware of the very real [...]

  One of the biggest challenges for businesses, and especially new ones, is finding the right office space. As a startup founder, you may need no more than a laptop and an internet connection to carry out [...]

    Windows do not only transform the exterior appearance of your office building, the natural light they allow inside increase occupants’ health and comfort and can also lead to substantial heat savings. But direct sunlight is [...]

  The reception area is an essential space in any office environment. This is the place where visitors are provided with useful information about the company and clients are asked to wait for their appointments. No matter [...]

  The first thing you would notice if you were to observe the latest trends in startup office design is the fierce competition for being ‘cool’. Every company set out to attract the brightest of the bunch [...]

  Traditionally, the average lifespan of office design is upwards of 10+ years, but the forces that drive the workplace may shift as often as 6 months. For companies that pay a great deal of attention to [...]

  When designing an office, it’s often easy to neglect one of the most important resources in your arsenal: your workers’ well-being. While office design is crucial to the success of your company, the way you plan [...]