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With its gorgeous natural areas, historic downtown, and proximity to Toronto, Newmarket is a wonderful place to do business. If you work at an office in Newmarket, you may already have a great view out your window, but what about inside your building? Is your office organized, stimulating, and visually appealing? Are you proud of the space you work in, or do you find yourself apologizing for the disarray and outdated furniture whenever a client or potential hire enters the building?

At Alliance Interiors, we believe the businesses that serve the Newmarket community deserve to have workspaces that allow them to reach their full potential. We’re an interior design and furniture procurement business that specializes in working with local businesses and solo entrepreneurs in the greater Toronto area, and we would love to help you reach your goal of creating a better work environment.

How Do You Know If Your Newmarket Office is Ready to Be Remodeled?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when your office space should be remodeled. However, there are some telltale signs you should look for.

  • Your employees are having trouble concentrating. There are plenty of reasons that your employees might be getting distracted, but part of the problem may be the current layout of the office. Maybe some of your employees have desks in the hallway, or they’re bothered by those buckets that you have to put out to catch drips whenever it rains. Whatever the situation, it may be time for a building upgrade.
  • Your employees are uncomfortable. If your building has the same chairs and desks as it did when your business first got started in the 1970s, your current employees may be having trouble getting work done simply because their workstations are uncomfortable. If this is the case, it may be the time to update to newer desks and ergonomic chairs.
  • You get embarrassed when someone new enters your office. Like it or not, the environment you work in sends a message about your business, and if your workspace looks run down or messy, the people who enter your building may assume that your business is disorganized and behind the times. If you find yourself apologizing for your office or even scheduling meetings outside the office so clients don’t have to see it, it’s time for some remodeling.
  • You’ve outgrown your current space. Maybe business has been great for the past few years, and you’ve been bringing on new employees to keep up with demand. While this growth may be good for your bottom line, it may also be straining the limits of your physical space. If you’re having trouble finding space for your new employees, you may either need to change your layout or move to a new space altogether.

When you realize that you need a change, Alliance Interiors will help you come up with a design plan and ease the transition. We’ll help you keep the aspects of your office that you like while formulating solutions for the things that are problematic or outdated.

Alliance Interiors Will Stick with You throughout the Redesign Process

Alliance Interiors believes that good interior design is about more than just advising business owners on their layout and decor. While we’re happy to give you advice about those things, we can go much more in-depth than that. Our wide range of services allows us to assist you from the time you hatch the idea for your redesign through the implementation of the new layout and procuring furniture.  We have experience with:

  • Corporate Office Relocations: As we mentioned earlier, if you’ve outgrown your current workspace, you may need to move to another one altogether. Alliance Interiors coordinates corporate office relocations, making the transition as easy on you and your employees as possible.
  • Office Project Management: When you want to make any major changes to your office or building, you have to come up with a budget, project specifications, and blueprints. Alliance Interiors will help you stick to your budget and requirements, and we’ll even work with a designer to provide you with a full set of construction drawings.
  • Office Space Planning: Rearranging your office is sometimes like playing a game of Tetris; it may feel like you can’t come up with the optimal arrangement of workspaces no matter what you do. When you’re feeling stuck, call Alliance Interiors. We’ll help you come up with the ideal layout to promote communication, productivity, and creativity.
  • Office Furniture Procurement: Don’t waste time wading through endless online search results for office furniture. Alliance Interiors has partnered with high-quality furniture vendors, so we can recommend and procure the best furniture for your workspace.

Rely on Alliance Interiors for Your Newmarket Office Furniture Needs

You and your employees spend 40 or more hours a week at your office, and you deserve to be comfortable during that time. If your current chairs, desk, filing cabinets, and other pieces of furniture are falling apart, or if you just can’t seem to get comfortable at your desk, no matter what you do, it’s time to trade them out.

Alliance Interiors partners with top Canadian office furniture brands.

Our furniture vendors have a commitment to customer satisfaction and environmentally-friendly manufacturing, so you can feel good about your furniture choices.

Ready for a Change in Your Newmarket Office? Contact Alliance Interiors

If you’re ready to remodel your Newmarket office or if you just want to learn more about what Alliance Interiors has to offer, contact us today. There are three easy ways to reach us in Newmarket:

We hope you’ll choose our experience and expertise for your next design project, and we can’t wait to help you realize your office’s full potential.