Four Big Design Ideas for Your Small Office


These days, you don’t have to be a big company with an unlimited budget to spend on office furniture in order to create an innovative and inspiring workspace. Despite limited resources, a lot of small companies and freelancers are redecorating their work space with low-cost decor and effective office furniture that can rejuvenate the area without too much effort. Here are four grand office design ideas to breathe new life into your small office setting:

Think Design, Not Space

You may not have a lot of space to put in desks, chairs, conference tables, and storage units, and nor should you, it’s all in the design. As long as you make sure everything works together to create an intimate, yet fun and engaging, space, you don’t need a lot of space. Small offices are more straightforward than traditional ones, in the sense that they can be seen in their entirety with everything out in the open, and more efficient. Without a lot of space on their hands, employees are motivated to stay more organized and keep the place tidy.

Get as Much Light as You Can

Let’s face it, we all envy the colleague who gets the window seat. For most Americans, working in an office environment means spending the largest part of our day indoors, thus getting more fluorescent than natural light. And, according to several studies, natural light doesn’t only helps us focus on the details better, but actually improves our productivity and mood. Employees will complain less of fatigue and headaches, and will be able to concentrate more on performing their work tasks.

Tearing down interior walls and creating an open-office setting will increase the amount of natural light in your small office, and also improve the mood of your workers.

Never Skimp on Furniture

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Perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to small office design is the furniture. Companies operating on a limited budget may be tempted to save on furniture and office supplies, but that will only work against them in the long run. Instead, focus on purchasing ergonomically-correct, productivity-enhancing office chairs to make sure your workers don’t start complaining about back pain. Monitors, desks, couches, all furniture around your small office must be purchased with efficiency in mind, especially if you’re having a limited amount of space at your disposal.

Make It Flexible and Open

Although they may provide the intimacy and privacy introverts long for, cubicles and similar enclosures may be counterproductive; on the other hand, making a small-scale environment too open might also have a negative effect on workers’ productivity. Your best bet here is to find the right balance for your company’s specific needs. Keep it open, but make it flexible. Be receptive at your staff’s preferences and do your best to create a positive and engaging social environment that doesn’t put too much pressure on individuals.

Remember, the office environment, be it small or big, is an accurate reflection of our company’s values and objectives. Every small decision will impact your brand image in front of customers, affecting the way they see and interact with your firm. If you need help turning your small office space into a dynamic environment where people come to work for pleasure, let Alliance Interiors give you a hand.

About the Author Lynne Lemieux

Lynne Lemieux, Founder and President of Alliance Interiors Inc., has devoted more than 20 years of experience developing and implementing growth opportunities for some of Canada's leading office furniture dealers. Her ability to provide clients with inspiring and versatile interior solutions for both business and home office environments has garnered her title of Aboriginal Business Woman of the Year in the city of Toronto for 2012. In her spare time, Lynne takes an active interest in politics, public speaking, and philanthropy, but also enjoys gardening, interior decorating, cooking, yoga, and traveling.

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