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Bradford may be a relatively small town, but its local businesses reflect a sense of local pride and a commitment to providing quality services to the community. When those businesses move to a new location or undergo renovations, they deserve to work with an interior design company that offers them that same dedication and personal attention.

Alliance Interiors works with businesses and solo entrepreneurs across the greater Toronto area, providing interior design services, construction and moving assistance, and furniture procurement. We’re available to help whenever you need to update your Bradford workplace in order to promote greater productivity and employee satisfaction.

Why Should You Remodel Your Bradford Office?

You may have stuck with your basic office layout and furniture for years or even decades, so why make a change now? Here are just a few reasons a remodel may do more for your business than you think:

Your office layout affects how your employees work. Studies have shown that your office environment affects everything from productivity to team communication to employee morale. In the past ten years or so, there’s also been a lot of debate about whether cubicles or an open office layout make for a better work environment, and the answer generally seems to be that it depends on the specific business and the company culture. By working with an interior design firm in Bradford, you can determine what type of environment is best for you and your employees.

Your office is your company ambassador. Like it or not, your office is the first real impression that many clients and potential hires will have of your business. If your work environment seems shabby, you’re going to have trouble convincing new people to work with you. Updating your office can help you present the best face possible to everyone who visits your workspace.

You spend the better part of your week in your office, so it should be as pleasant as possible. If you’re running a business, chances are you’re spending more than the standard 40 hours a week at your office. Since you’re spending so much time there, it might as well be an environment that you enjoy driving to in the morning and that allows you to work as effectively and comfortably as possible.

Working with an experienced interior design business is the best way to ensure that your Bradford office remodel goes exactly the way you envisioned it. Alliance Interiors works closely with business owners to ensure that we’re creating the right aesthetic while keeping the practicality of your daily operations in mind.

Alliance Interiors Is There from the Beginning to the End of the Redesign

Why work with a bunch of different contractors and vendors to remodel your Bradford office when you can just hire one company to organize everything for you? Alliance Interiors will work with you from the conception of your office design through the implementation of even seemingly small details, like ergonomic desk chairs and new filing cabinets.

Our wide range of office interior services includes:

  • Corporate Office Relocations: Moving to a different building? A different floor? Even if you’re just shuffling around employee seating or shifting down the hall, Alliance Interiors can help you coordinate the move so that you sacrifice as little productive work time as possible.
  • Office Project Management: You shouldn’t have to handle a remodel on your own. Alliance Interiors will help you come up with a budget, review project specifications, and work with an experienced designer to produce a full set of construction drawings.
  • Office Space Planning: Whether you want to give an open office layout a try or you want to add new meeting spaces for your team, Alliance Interiors will work with you to come up with a new layout that maximizes creativity and communication between employees.
  • Office Furniture Procurement: You shouldn’t have to waste time tracking down furniture vendors after your interior designer has left. Alliance Interiors partners with high-quality office furniture brands, making it easy for us to procure new furniture for your workplace.

Outfit Your Bradford Office with Great Furniture at a Fair Price

You probably already know that sitting all day isn’t great for your health, and sitting with bad posture is even worse. Maybe you’ve considered investing in ergonomic chairs and standing desks for your office, but you haven’t known where to start looking, or you’ve been scared away by the price.

Alliance Interiors works with only the best Canadian office furniture brands who provide high-quality, modern furniture like ergonomic chairs, desks, filing cabinets, and tables at a reasonable price.

We take the time to choose furniture brands that we can be proud to call partners.

Call Alliance Interiors Today to Give Your Bradford Office a Makeover

Beginning to think that a redesign or furniture upgrade should be in your office’s near future? Call Alliance Interiors to learn more about what we can do for you. We love talking to Bradford community members, and even if you don’t decide to go with us, we’re happy to chat with you about what we have to offer. We hope that after speaking to us, you’ll decide to rely on our expertise and friendly service.

There are three easy ways you can reach us in Bradford:

We look forward to hearing from you and finding out how we can help make your office an even better place for you and your employees.