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If your company is located in Barrie, not only do you get to enjoy the city’s beauty and history, you also get the added benefit of working in a city that supports and encourages you completely. Since Barrie takes such pride in its local companies, it seems only fitting that local business offices present themselves in the most appealing ways possible.

Alliance Interiors is here to help you do this. If your office requires renovation, from major construction projects to simple furniture procurement, we are ready to work with you to help make your office as comfortable, productive, and aesthetically appealing as possible.

When Should You Renovate Your Barrie Office?

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell when your office needs a makeover. When furniture starts breaking and you can’t remember what color the carpet is supposed to be, it might be time to call Alliance Interiors. Other times, though, the signs are less clear. If you see any of these things happening in your office, it might be time for a remodel:

Your employees are looking less lively. If your employees seem to be constantly tired and unmotivated, it might be a result of their work environment. Being surrounded by the same beige walls and paintings that they recognize from their grandparents’ homes can really take a toll on employee morale. This affects more than your employees’ states of mind, it also affects their productivity, which in turn affects your company’s bottom line.

Your company has grown. Eventually, your business may simply become too big for the same old space.  If your employees are working on top of each other or if you’re running out of room to store all of your documents and materials, it might be time to look for a new location or consider a remodel.

Your employees are uncomfortable. If your employees are constantly squirming to find comfortable positions, this could be negatively affecting their ability to accomplish tasks. If your employees have been sitting in the same chairs for twenty years, it might be time to upgrade to newer, ergonomic chairs. This will make for more comfortable and more productive employees.

You’re putting off potential clients. Let’s face it, if your office building looks rundown or outdated, it’s going to reflect poorly on your business in the eyes of new potential clients. Since your office is often the first side of your business that clients will see, aesthetic appeal is extremely important. If your building is less than eye-catching, it will be worth it to invest in some renovations.

To remedy these potential hindrances to your business, remodeling your office could be just the solution. Alliance Interiors will work closely with you to develop an optimized renovation plan that could help improve your employees’ morale and productivity.

Alliance Interiors Works With You Through the Entire Redesign Process

Other companies might help you develop a plan for your office remodel but will leave it to you to find contractors when it comes time to actually implement the changes or purchase new furniture. At Alliance Interiors, we know that companies in Barrie deserve more from their interior design company. You deserve a company that will work with you through the entire redesign process, and that’s exactly you will get from Alliance Interiors.

Beyond office interior design, we offer the following services:

Office Project Management: We know that remodeling your office is a complex and multi-step process. That’s why Alliance Interiors helps you along every step of the way, from deciding on a budget, to reviewing project specifications, to even working with an experienced designer to produce a full set of construction drawings for you.

Corporate Office Relocations: If a remodel just isn’t enough and it’s time to find a completely new location for your company, Alliance Interiors is here to help. We can coordinate corporate office relocations to make the transition as seamless as possible for you and your employees.

Office Space Planning: Changing an office layout can have significant impacts on the way your employees interact with each other as well as how they work on their own. From changing floor plans to adding new meeting rooms, Alliance Interiors can help you plan an office layout that will maximize your employees’ productivity, motivation, and comfort.

Office Furniture Procurement: We know that office furniture has the potential to make or break not only the aesthetics of a business, but also the morale of your employees. Alliance Interiors has partnered with high-quality furniture vendors so that we can help you find and obtain the best furniture for your workplace.

Equip Your Barrie Office With the Best Furniture Available by Choosing Alliance Interiors

From traditional filing cabinets and tables to standing desks and ergonomic chairs, Alliance Interiors can help outfit your office with the best, most fitting furniture for your business. To make sure we offer you the highest quality furniture, Alliance Interiors partners with only the best Canadian office furniture providers.

Ready for Change? Call Alliance Interiors Today to Learn More

If you’re ready to take the next step in remodeling your Barrie office or if you just have some questions for us, feel free to contact us directly. To get in touch with Alliance Interiors in Barrie, choose from one of the following options:

At Alliance Interiors, we have all the tools, experience, and know-how to help you give your office a completely new look and feel. We’re passionate about helping businesses reach their potential and we can’t wait to support you during your renovation and remodeling processes.