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Toronto Solar Shading

How Does Solar Shading Benefit the Work Environment?



For companies concerned about escalating fuel prices, energy security, climate change, and daylight quality control, solar shading continues to be a central issue in the design of office buildings.…

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Toronto Boardroom Office Furniture

How to Prevent Your Boardroom from Turning into a Boredroom



The big advantage of modern-day business owners is that their office environment no longer needs to adhere to the design rules of the conventional sterile business space that used to be the norm for many years.…

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Modular Office Furniture Toronto

Small Office Strategies: Modular Design to Enhance Even the Smallest of Spaces



If your office is currently furnished in a style that was popular more than a decade ago, you are probably doing yourself, your company, and your employees a huge disservice. Back-breaking chairs, clunky desks, and archaic filing cabinets that were designed to support equally clunky technology from ten years ago are not only wreaking havoc on your employees’ health and decreasing their productivity, but they are also a complete waste of space.…

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Executive Office Furniture

Executive Office Furniture: Is Your Office Conveying the Right Image to Your Customers?


Experience and education have long been the two most important prerequisites for executive-level candidates, but in today’s world, what sets leaders apart from the rest of the world is not just their diploma up on the wall or a relevant background in the field.…

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